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The field of consumer or entertainment electronics is very vast and hence users cannot able to know many features while using their gadgets or tools. This is obvious with converters, which people fondly use for various types of format conversions. Among such less known features for free mp4 to avi converter – mp4 to avi video conversion – freemake video converter users may miss to see few things while concentrating on just the conversions. If you can run through the website, it can help users in understanding the intricacies of this video converter brand.

The purpose of this short article is to highlight some of the features that are not popular for conversion users. Read on and share the same with your friends who have similar interest like you in learning more about these conversion formats.

Title Changes

By using the Freemake video converter one can easily change the title of the video content via two methods. One can either use the pencil icon seen in the video line or alter the title in the video destination.

Reducing Storage Space

By applying this converter, one can also control the size of the video before making a conversion. This is pretty useful for the editors as well this system offers the users to reduce the storage of unnecessary contents in the hard disc. Many people do not use this facility offered.

iOS Devices

Users of iTune –Apple devices can add the video directly by using this Freemake video converter. This feature is handy for those who want to use converters on mobile devices. Conversions can be done while they are on the go.


Freemake video converter users can also get code to their webpage while making video embedding. This is possible while converting a video to FLV. Users can read the step-by-step guide on this coding, which is available to the users after the completion of conversion.

Freemake Video Converter


Interestingly, users can enjoy another benefit from the GPU acceleration such as DXVA and CUDA. Here, the conversion software has the capability to detect the appropriate parameters of their utilities, with the help of auto-algorithm, used for switching to acceleration mode.

Easy Uploads
Besides offering great support for converting innumerable different video formats, it also allows the users to upload the videos directly from social media network sites like YouTube.

Special Tools

Freemake video converter offers many tools to cut and rotate the video contents. Users can also create or convert the subtitles besides other useful actions. It can also be used to burn ordinary as well as Blue-Ray DVDs.

Undoubtedly, Freemake video converter is one of the best available converters in the market today. Factors like speed and high resolution make this converter to standout from the other meager options in the market. More than anything, its user-friendliness makes this software unique. These features make the Freemake video converter as one of the most highly recommended converters today. Also, this converter gets better with every new version.

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