November 2016

Inbound Marketing TechniquesInbound marketing techniques can benefit small businesses and startups. There is an abundance of choice when it comes to marketing techniques but not all will deliver the same results. The most convenient of marketing techniques are expensive making it beyond the budget of startups and small businesses. Inbound marketing comes with diverse techniques and yields positive results for your business. It is more of an approach than a strategy. It is all about attracting potential customers rather than finding prospective customers. Traditional marketing revolves around mailers, billboard advertisements, cold calls and email listing. Thunder Rank, is an SEO company that promotes organic rankings in search engines. If you have queries on SEO techniques, check

Inbound Marketing

The latest marketing technique revolves around organic search traffic, email forms, content publication and more. Irrespective of whether it is a B2B, e-commerce, SaaS, B2C, technical or non-technical, retail outlet, etc., this system works fine for all. There are six most important inbound marketing techniques and this can bring positive results to small businesses and startups making your business grow exponentially.

A Guide To Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is the grandfather of inbound marketing and resources are abundant. Make it your model for creating free guides. It has to be relevant to your business. The guide has to be specific as it can help to bring potential customers and convert them into customers.


Inbound marketing has a connect with SEO. Remember SEO is all about keywords and it is successful in gaining traffic. Just use powerful keywords on your website. Creating powerful keywords that people might possibly enter into the search box can help gain traffic. Check out for the most commonly searched keyword. You can try all possible combinations. Improve the keyword ranking, but this alone is not going to create a better ranking. Enriching your position by using a combination of keywords is a good technique. The best solution would be to concentrate on fewer keywords but valuable ones, creating pages on the site that are keyword specific.



Any successful marketer needs to develop a brand. It gives a personalized approach to those involved in this type of marketing. The present startup generation can proudly call them as leaders and can promote their startups as innovators. Think of names like Joel Gascoigne, Jayson DeMers, and Hiten Shah, all have them have created a personal brand for their businesses. Remember you and your business are one and the same. It is your brand that makes your business.

Social Media

Inbound marketing without Social Media makes no sense. The interaction on this platform is viral. Here potential customers find the companies and they track their performance and interact with them. But yet the track record says that Social Media has poor conversion rates in comparison to email and organic search. If you are going to totally depend on Social media for conversion, then you could end up in trouble. But there is nothing wrong in engaging the market and it can improve your brand image. There are real people here and if you can make them like your brand, then they follow you. You can ask questions, respond to their queries, promote your brand and keep them active and connected with your company.

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